Tech Trek

Girls find their passion for high-tech careers at AAUW’s Tech Trek camps. Through hands-on problem solving and encounters with women role models in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), Tech Trek helps girls see their futures while having nonstop fun. Since 1998, AAUW has helped change girls’ lives through Tech Trek, an experiential summer camp backed by research and designed to make STEM exciting and accessible to girls in middle school — the age when research shows girls’ participation in these fields drops. For many girls, the week long camp sparks their curiosity and places them on a path toward success.

Although Tech Trek has been held at Eastern Washington University for the last seven years, the 2021 Tech Trek went virtual this year. It was held July 11 through July 16. Hopefully we will be able to host a live camp in 2022.  Visit Tech Trek Washington for more information and to donate to Tech Trek.